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THE ESSENCE OF THE HEROES OF THE 21ST CENTURY7 Loewe by the Spanish firm Loewe is an 'Eau de Parfum' for men with spicy and woody notes. This fragrance pays tribute to the modern hero, a man of today, but who continues to display the elegance with which I endow nature at all times.This fragrance was created in 2010 by the firm Loewe, which showed loyalty to its Spanish roots and once again opted for distant aromas, the classic creations of selective perfumery. A masculine perfume with its own personality, which describes a strong, hard-working, generous, innovative man who loves new trends.7 Loewe, has 7 olfactory notes and 7 unique ingredients, all of them intense and spicy, that match perfectly to each other, to make this perfume a unique specimen in its kind and incomparable with any other aroma.MYSTERIOUS AND BRAVE. That's the man who describes this perfume. A bold man, without any fear of what will happen, and surrounded by an enigmatic aura around him.BLACK AND METALLIC. These are the shades in which the sophisticated bottle is designed. The black symbolizes the great inner strength and the metallic, the elegance, on which is engraved the anagram of the signature.REFLEXION. Its essence invites the internal reflection of the individual, a calm and coherent reflection that gives rise to the taking of great decisions.


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